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 AMC Clinical exam preparation

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PostSubject: AMC Clinical exam preparation   Sat Dec 28, 2013 1:49 pm

amc clinical exam

A 60 year old lady has problems with sugar control as she seems forgetful taking her tablets. She was a heavy drinker before but now she has stopped drinking for about 6 months ?

Task- Do MMSE. You don’t need to calculate the score. Comment on your findings and explain the findings to the patient. You don’t need to discuss management.

This is the exactly similar to book case.
Only abnormal findings are as follows
-Orientation to time ( she gave wrong answer of today’s date)
- Registration

After my MMSE, I explained her exactly as in book. ( Focal amnestic syndrome due to alcohol ).

Examiner- What are the D/Dx?
Me- Dementia , Delirium, Head trauma

RP- Do I have Alzheimer’s disease ?
Me- Just explained that it is focal amnesia. To say it dementia, she doesn’t have problems with any other parts of MMSE at all.
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AMC Clinical exam preparation
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