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 AMC Clinical exam preparation

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PostSubject: AMC Clinical exam preparation   Sat Dec 28, 2013 1:59 pm

amc clinical exam

A 40 year old lady presented with right upper abdominal pain. Ask history, ask examination findings from examiner and outline the management.

This case is my first case and I definitely failed it.

I just asked focused abdominal symptoms and did ask focused abdominal examination findings only.
I diagnosed it as Cholangitis. ( Despite having no jaundice, no significant abdominal signs apart from tenderness over RHC. )

I didn’t ask any investigation findings at all.

I realized I did mistake while explaining the patient cos she kept asking “ Why am I getting this shivering ? “
I say “ due to ascending infection from….” I stopped in the middle cos RP pretended a cough.
Only then I realized, I didn’t ask respiratory symptoms at all. But too late.

Feedback- I failed a very simple Pneumonia case with anxiety.
As long as we go through system review briefly in every case, we won’t miss the diagnosis at all.
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AMC Clinical exam preparation
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