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 AMC Clinical past papers

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PostSubject: AMC Clinical past papers   Thu Dec 26, 2013 12:58 pm

AMC Clinical recalls

1:Generalized anxiety Young female had palpitation and chest pain had her ECG and all testdone everything came normal.On history she is smoking and her sleep has impared due too too much work load, has recentlystarted new business. ( AMC feed back,generalized anxiety) .Task take history, explain to the patient what is it and why it is happening and manege the case .(wanted to hear epinephrine and norepinephrine effect.

2:Permanent sterilization: Youg female taking OCP and doesn’t not want to take any longer wants to dicuss with you the permanent sterilization method.Task: Discuss the methodAdvantages and disvantagesQuestions: does it affect on my menstruation, weight and sexual performance and failure rate.

3:ADHD: same as AMC handbook.

4: Fever: young female has been getting fever since 3 months probably associated sweats.Task: take the history , ask examination findings from examination and order the investigationIt was a differential diagnosis and organizes investigation accordingly.On history she had a travel history scratches on the body and splenomegaly.

5:Ca colon: Barium Xray explain the Xray findings to the patient , he had diverticulosis and had been constipated on and off .Answer the questions asked by patient and Examiner:I t was bit hard and tricky I was going to say diverticulosis but patient dragged me on the right sideasking could it be cancer, what investigation to confirm and examiner asked that how you willknow if it has spreaded.

6:Headache:father is concerned about his 5 year old son who is getting headaches.Task take history, ask examination findings from examiner , diagnosis and manage the case.Father asked are you sure it is not tumour.Headache was related to school situation.

7:Iron deficiency anaemia : Father has been concerned about his 2 year old son. Discuss the blood results with the father.Take the relevant history and management.I was given the growth chart plot the chart and tell to the father if his growth is ok.

8:Arm swelling:young boy was playing tennis notice sudden swelling in her arm :Task ask the relevant history , diagnosis and what investigations you will do?On examination no redness and tenderness just painful and pitting oedemaI said thrombosisExaminer questions: Where do you think the clot is?When you send the patient to emergency then what you will write down in your notes?

9:Large for dates:fundus height larger than the dates: Task ask the relevant history examination finding from the examiner and management.

10:Sciatica:same as AMC hand book
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AMC Clinical past papers
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